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In the first part of this article, we discussed ten reasons why it would be beneficial for your prospect to agree to choose your solution. All prospects and customers have to rationally and emotionally be connected at some level with the solution, or they may well have buyer’s remorse or incongruence about their choice. So it …

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When I worked in sales a few years ago, we were always told to ‘walk in the customer’s shoes’ so that you could experience exactly what they were going through when they were conducting their businesses.

My team was successful in many ways, and I often asked what specifically made them successful, achieving their goals and targets …

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By Daniel Goleman

“We have a brilliant systems analyst, but we’re afraid to put him in front of clients,” an IBM executive told me. “He’s rude and arrogant. The minute he sits down he starts telling the client what he thinks they need — never asks what they think, or even listens.”

The best sales people take the …

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