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By Grant Cardone

Disagreements come in more ways than just saying “no.” And if you are disagreeing with someone, you’ll never close the sale.

Agreement is vital and is the single most important and violated rule of selling! I’m not saying you should mislead the customer. There’s an art to telling the customer, “I’d love to make that …

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by Ayaz Nanji

Some 85% of B2B companies say their sales team’s ability to articulate product/service value is one of the most critical factors in closing deals, according to a recent report from Corporate Visions.

The report was based on data from a survey of more than 500 B2B marketers and salespeople from around the world who …

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By Timothy B. Huffaker

Here are a dozen principles we know about people, but are they applied in your sales activities?

These principles apply to all people, but I’ll specifically refer to them in the context of selling and buying. An understanding of these traits will help you to increase your sales by working smarter …

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