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Every Tuesday, sales expert Andy Bounds shares his top tips to improve your sales and communications. This week’s is…

Overcoming people’s objections

Last week’s Tip showed how to get a ‘yes’ from stakeholders, by using your BO (Benefits/Options).

This week’s Tip goes further, by explaining how to reduce the chance they’ll say ‘no’. You achieve this by removing …

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By Steve W. Martin

What separates high-performing salespeople who exceed their quota from underperformers who miss their quotas by more than 25%?

I recently conducted a research project involving nearly 800 salespeople and sales leaders to better answer this question. In addition, I have had the privilege to interview well over 1,000 top salespeople who sell for some …

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By Richard Ruff

One frequently asked question is – Where should we focus our sales coaching efforts to optimize the impact on revenue generation? Fortunately that question has been answered. The answer is – focus on the 60% of the salespeople that are in the middle of the performance curve.

While the above answer is widely accepted, it …

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