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When Google came out with their Zero Moment of Truth reports, there was a lot of highly compelling data points that made CEOs, CMOs and sales heads have to stop and reconsider almost everything they are doing; at least as it pertains to marketing.

For those less familiar with the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), it can …

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In Lee Child’s “Without Fail,” a Secret Service official simplifies a disturbing problem. “If the Yankees come to town saying they’re going to beat the Orioles, does that mean it’s true?” And then he adds, “Boasting about it is not the same thing as actually doing it.”

It’s the same with sales where there’s often too much …

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In the early 1990’s it was assumed that saleswomen would not be successful in a sales career. Realizing this, any woman who wanted to succeed was able to take that demeaning thought and turn it into their advantage.

Smart women would take the top male producer out to lunch and include alcohol to soften the communication between …

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