ISMM - The leading international body for sales and marketing qualifications

In order to compete effectively in the current business environment, industry is placing even more emphasis on recruiting better trained, better qualified and more professional salespeople. The ISMM's education services are specifically designed to meet this need.

1. Recognised Qualifications

 We are a UK government approved awarding organisation offering regulated Sales and Marketing qualifications which are available on demand, can be assessed via work based learning or assignments and are 'nested' so you can build up to bigger qualifications over time.

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2. Endorsement

ISMM endorsement is the badge of recognition for high quality sales training programmes. Displaying the ISMM logo on your training materials tells your customers that you adhere to professional standards and provides evidence that your sales training programmes are well designed and delivered to consistent standards. 

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3. Education advice and consultancy

We offer advice on salesforce training. We can review your training programmes, advise on content and map it to National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Sales. We can help you identify opportunities to build professional qualifications into your training.    

4. Sales Academies

Currently many foward-looking organisations are professionaling their salesforces by setting up Sales Academies. A Sales Academy is a holistic approach to developing sales people which includes recruitment, training, progression and retention. Click here to find out more