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By Ken Thoreson

Last week, during a client’s sales meeting, we got into a discussion regarding pipeline values. Needless to say, the number of prospects and dollar values were insufficient to achieve the overall corporate revenue objectives.

Several of the salespeople blamed marketing for not generating enough quality leads (ever hear that before?). As the discussion of …

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By Ian Altman

I have the good fortune to work with many sales managers and their teams. Depending on the industry, each successful rep might have a different personality. They might be extroverts or introverts. They might speak slowly or fast. But, there are several essential qualities that I see consistently with top performing salespeople. Keep in …

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By Cameron Kahler

In my role as a Training Manager I meet with managers and directors of sales teams, as well as HR managers, almost every day. Naturally I’m very interested in the team dynamic, performance and possible skills gaps, but the most interesting and animated response in all these interactions is when answering the question:

“What …

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