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YOUNG people in Chester- le-Street were ready to hit the market stalls after taking part in a sales bootcamp.

Nevil Tynemouth and Mike Lever of New Results Training delivered the session to a group of 16 year olds at the event organised by Cestria Community Housing.

In a challenge similar to those seen on in TV …

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By Dave Kahle

One of the most debilitating myths about the sales profession is that sales people can learn on their own, on the job, and eventually become good at their jobs. This myth implies they’ll eventually develop their own style, and that will bring them the maximum results.

That myth is true for about five percent of …

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By Emma Vas

Generating software sales leads for your company shouldn’t be a mysterious art or a clandestine skill. With so many unknowns and changing relationships, it almost seems as if lead generation and closing sales are arcane talents, but they aren’t. In fact, your software sales approach should be scientific

With a science-minded approach, your software sales …

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