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You need salespeople!

The biggest problem at every board shop is lack of sales, not enough sales, not enough customers, not enough new business, not enough backlog, or not enough new customers. But when I ask how they’re selling they say things like, “Oh, word of mouth,” “People know who we are,” or this beauty: “We’ve had …

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Joe runs a company with 19 salespeople, a mix of veterans and newcomers. Sales have been flat for the past 18 months even though the economy has improved. He is constantly making futile attempts to get his team to prospect more. Joe tries to show them how to sell more effectively, but they continue to fall …

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Garrett Buhl Robinson is not your stereotypical salesperson. But he is one of the most effective salespeople I have ever come across.

Robinson is the author of three self-published books and, as any author will tell you, writing a book is much easier than selling a book.

My wife Karen and I caught a glimpse of Robinson as …

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