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Complete the Membership Application form (below) and our Membership Manager will be in touch to request a CV or completion of a Grading Form to assess the level of Membership you will be eligible for. Membership Fees are £108 each year, or £98 if you choose to pay by Direct Debit.

As a member of the ISMM you are confirming your commitment to professional sales, as well as accessing a range of practical benefits that will increase your sales success for less than £2 a week, and what's more it's tax deductible!

Individual Membership Application Form
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Membership grade Entry via practical experience   Entry via ISMM qualifications
Fellow Employed 10 years in sales or marketing including 3 years business experience at management level. or ISMM Qualification at levels 5 or above, or MA/MSc or MBA
Full Member Employed over 3 years or more in any business where duties include selling or marketing or ISMM Qualification at level 3 or level 4
Associate Member Less than 3 years in sales or marketing or ISMM Qualification at level 1 or level 2
ISMM Endorsed courses
Exclusive to Fellows of over 10 years continuous standing.