Individual membership

As an individual member of the ISMM you will benefit from being a part of the UKs largest professional body for sales people. As well as professional recognition and the ability to carry the ISMM post-nominal letters you will have access to the leading UK sales publication ‘Winning Edge’, seminars and frequent webinars, free legal advice, a discount platform and an array of resources and templates on the ISMM website, all for less than half the price of a half-day training session.

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Company membership

This membership tier is designed for small and medium sized companies who are looking to support their sales teams with continual professional development and show to their customers that they are an ethical company engaging in good sales practice.

Company membership gives you 5 individual memberships for your sales and marketing team who will enjoy all the benefits that individual membership brings (see above) in addition you will see your company get significant exposure.

As a company member you will be welcomed to the ISMM in our sales magazine ‘Winning Edge’ you will be able to add listings to our ‘Market place’ which is heavily used by our membership base, you will receive discounts should you decide to sponsor or attend our gala BESMA awards evening and you will be able to use the ISMM member logo and sticker to highlight your involvement.

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Corporate partnership

Corporate partnership is our top tier of membership is actually less of a membership and more of a partnership between you and the ISMM. Our corporate partners influence everything we do, from the categories offered at BESMA, to our qualifications frameworks. Our corporates act as our steering group, driving the ISMM towards better serving the sales industry.

As a corporate partner you will have a dedicated account manager who will work with you to tailor a package to meet you specific requirements, however, included in this will be individual memberships, advertising opportunities via our Winning Edge magazine, website and social media channels, a profile page on the ISMM website, ability to include content in our corporate partner newsletter, networking opportunities with other corporate partners and a plaque to highlight your commitment to the sales industry.

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